Azure Networking

Azure Private Link (preview) – What is it? Why use it?

Microsoft recently announced Azure Private Link as a preview available initially across 6 regions in the US (East/South Central/North Central/West Central/West and West US 2). I’m going to drill into what Private Link is and why you might want to use it. What is it? First off what is Private Link? Well there are actually 2 different elements that make up Private Link. Private Endpoint Private Link Service I’m going to touch on Private Endpoint in this post and will then follow up with a post on Private Link Service as the Private Endpoint is substantial topic on its own.

Azure Firewall 1 year on…

So around a year ago I gave my first impressions on Azure Firewall which had just been released as a preview. An update is long overdue on my part on how this service has evolved over the last year. Like everything in the cloud the pace of change is rapid, when I first wrote about the Azure Firewall I concluded it was a welcome addition but lacked some key features, well this is no longer the case.

First thoughts on Azure Firewall

Update… This article is out of date and no longer accurate, feel free to read it but then please see this post for updates on Azure Firewall one year on… Microsoft has released the first native Azure Firewall service to public preview. I’ve taken some time to spin one up and play with it and thought I’d share my initial thoughts. So what is Azure Firewall? Image Credit – Microsoft Firstly it is sold as a service, so you don’t have to spin up any infrastructure to host it, you don’t need to patch it, HA and scalability is baked into the service.

NSGs just got an upgrade!

Augmented rules for Network Security Groups (NSGs) has gone GA! Having used NSGs extensively since I started working in Azure, I know augmented security rules will make NSGs much easier to build out and manage. You now have the capability to create a single rule with multiple source IPs, destination IPs, and ports, something that previously would have required multiple rules. Take the following example, I want to permit my source machine (10.