Creating images for Microsoft Azure with Packer

neil.bailie/ March 2, 2018/ Imaged, Microsoft Azure, Uncategorised/ 0 comments

Packer is an open source tool that can be used to define and build custom images in Microsoft Azure.  Packer works across multiple platforms and will seamlessly work with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to create and store custom images in Azure.  If you want to create your own custom images in Azure with Packer hopefully this introduction guide will help

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Azure Portal adds All Services blade… it’s now even easier than ever to find services to deploy

neil.bailie/ February 20, 2018/ Microsoft Azure, Public Cloud/ 0 comments

Looks like another new feature has been added to Azure, the More Services blade has been replaced with All Services which appears at the top of the Portal.  I quite like the change, its certainly easier to see the hundreds of services that are available in Azure… Why wait? – Get started today with a Free Azure account (

CI/CD Pipeline options in Azure

neil.bailie/ February 9, 2018/ DevOps/ 0 comments

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is used to provide automation of building, testing and deploying software into production environments.  CI/CD has grown in popularity as it allows for greater efficiency in software development which in short allows developers to deliver quality code faster to the end user. The pipeline breaks down the delivery of software into different stages which

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NSGs just got an upgrade!

neil.bailie/ January 22, 2018/ Azure Networking, Microsoft Azure/ 0 comments

Augmented rules for Network Security Groups (NSGs) has gone GA! Having used NSGs extensively since I started working in Azure, I know augmented security rules will make NSGs much easier to build out and manage.  You now have the capability to create a single rule with multiple source IPs, destination IPs, and ports, something that previously would have required multiple

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Accepting Azure Marketplace terms in PowerShell

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Using Get-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms and Set-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms cmdlets to accept Marketplace terms… If you’ve ever deployed resources into Azure from the Marketplace at the point of deployment you’ll often see the screen shown below: You’re accepting the terms of use for the Marketplace offering for the subscription you’re currently working within. However if you try to deploy a resource from the Marketplace through a

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Azure VM Sizes (as of November 2017)

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A kind of cheat on available Azure VM sizes as of November 2017. Note, not all VM sizes are available in all Azure Regions. Further detailed information on VM sizes is available here ( and is well worth reviewing. General Purpose – balanced CPU-to-memory ratio. Series Cores ACUs Memory (GB) Data Disks Notes A (1 – 7) 1, 2, 4,

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Microsoft Future Decoded

neil.bailie/ November 1, 2017/ FutureDecoded, Learning, Microsoft Azure/ 0 comments

For the last two days I’ve been attending Microsoft Future Decoded at the Excel in London.  Microsoft Future Decoded is a 2 day event focused on the digital business of tomorrow. It is aimed at decision makers, developers and IT pros and provides a path to learn how digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cloud and digital skills can drive business success. It

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Maximising availability in Microsoft Azure

neil.bailie/ October 22, 2017/ High Availability, Microsoft Azure, Public Cloud/ 0 comments

As Microsoft Azure has evolved more features and capabilities have been added to provide the highest possible levels of availability for your solutions.  I wanted to talk about some of these capabilities, giving a high level overview of what’s available and how you can leverage it.  I’m mostly covering what’s available for IaaS deployments, although some of it applies to

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