Installing Microsoft Azure Backup Server when WPAD is in the mix

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So I recently hit an issue when trying to install Azure Backup Server on a Windows 2012 R2 server in an environment that used WPAD.

Azure Backup Server allows you to backup your on-premise infrastructure to local disk storage while also providing the ability to backup to an Azure Recovery Services Vault, allowing offsite long-term retention.

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MABS – image courtesy of Microsoft

The install failed at a couple of points, signing into Azure when selecting a backup vault and later in the installation as well.  Despite my profile having no proxy setting defined and WinHTTP being set to direct I could still see in a network capture that the proxy was coming into play.

Thankfully after a good bit of googling I came across the excellent post below that covers off everything you should do if you get stuck, so if you hit the same issues hopefully this will help you out.  I know I’ll be referring it in the future if I hit the same issues!

Disabling WPAD on Windows Server 2012 R2 for SCDPM, Azure Backup Server and Azure Site Recovery